Create new financial habits with the SMART method

Often, creating a new habit or leaving an old one requires motivation and getting organized financially is no different. Saving may seem easy in theory – just spend less on unnecessary things, right? – but in practice we know it’s not quite like that. If you don’t have a plan in place, finding that will power to resist the temptations can be almost impossible.

What happens, however, is that even setting goals, they often end up on paper alone. So there is a clever method – as the name itself says – that helps you achieve your personal goals. Today is the day you know the STAR method!


But what is the STAR method?

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This technique determines five indispensable characteristics of your goal. Without them, he will hardly be taken seriously by you. The image below explains how it works! Each letter represents a characteristic of this goal, something that you must set when you draw it.By answering these five questions, you will be much closer to achieving your goal! Tip: Write down your answers so you don’t get lost along the way!

Now that I know how to set a goal, how do I achieve it?

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To reach a goal, there is no other way: you must create new habits! To save $ 6,000 a year, as in the example above, it is ideal to analyze your spending and understand which custom you can replace in your routine. Is it really necessary to have lunch every day in restaurants? How about bringing home cooked food to work? Walks with friends could be exchanged for dates at home, right? Questions like these are great for finding what could change in everyday life.

To help you establish these new daily habits, some strategies may be adopted.

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For those with ease with Excel spreadsheets, you can build custom tables, according to what you want including, we have already found a ready-made link! But if you don’t find it that simple, there are alternatives.

The 7 weeks app is proper for changing habits! In it, you write down what you intend to do and how often. So every day you perform the task, you should write it down in the application calendar so that it can show you the balance of what you have already accomplished in relation to what you have determined.

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