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Realizing furnishing requests does not cost a fortune. Every worker with average income can even afford something new. Saving on new furniture is not worth it. Your furniture loan can be cheaper than ever.

The Astro Finance does not charge interest from your lending bank. Online banks pass on the cheap money purchases to their customers. Anyone who funds online saves the waiting time of saving and lives their equipment dreams.

What you should pay attention to when financing your furniture, how you can save on furniture purchase and financing, the guide will show you. The information is prepared to match the individually different credit ratings.

Furniture loan – save twice

Furniture loan - save twice

A lot is invested in one’s own home in Germany. Low-interest loans offer real estate financing for your own home, almost for every budget. But the house alone is not enough. Moving into the new house is much nicer if you were welcomed by new furniture in your new home. If you buy a lot in one go, furniture stores expect a discount.

Applying for your furniture furniture loan at the same time usually doesn’t pay off if you have a good credit rating. Financing for the first six months may sound tempting for free, but after that it becomes expensive. On top of that, equivalent to buying a car, you are giving away possible cash payment discounts.

If you have a good credit rating – you can assume that if you work in the public service – the online loan market will entice you with interest rate promises that depend on your credit rating. It is the loan offers that lead almost every good loan comparison. Even if the interest offered sounds interesting, you can now save money when buying furniture. For customers with cash in their pockets, salespeople go overboard. Financed online and bought in cash, show the red card for loan interest rates and expensive furniture prices.

Small loan to buy furniture – don’t save on the equipment

Small loan to buy furniture - don

Nobody makes their money without doing anything. Furnishing your own home room by room keeps the furniture costs and the loan for the furniture within manageable limits. If the living room is not completely new and equipped with the latest technology, the acquisition costs remain manageable. A small loan is almost always enough to integrate furniture dreams into your own home.

Banks refer to loan sizes between around $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 as small loans. Fear of having to pay off in small installments with this small loan amount until the furniture is already considered antique would be out of place. The only question is how high should the monthly installments be? Does a monthly rate of around 86 USD fit into your budget? If so, the currently lowest-interest small loan over 3,000 USD with a fixed interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness would be completed in just 36 months.

The budgetary costs do not have to fear a household budget either. Converted per month, the loan for the furniture costs just as much as a piece of cheese from the refrigerated section. But a little bit please. For 2.56 USD you can only get a pack of butter cheese even at the discounter. Overall, the financing of 3,000 USD, 36 months term, would cost 92.08 USD. In the current loan comparison, the credit bank shows its lending at the annual percentage rate of 1.99 percent.

Overdraft facility for furniture purchase – why installment loan?

Overdraft facility for furniture purchase - why installment loan?

Customers buy furniture just as spontaneously as ice cream on hot summer days. Furniture discounters invite families for long strolls every weekend. Everyone gladly accepts the offer, so spontaneous buying is preprogrammed. A new bed frame for the guest room and the matching closet. With the low prices, all in all, no purchase for which it is worth considering an installment loan as a loan for furniture.

If you recognize yourself in the last words, you are exactly the bank customer your house bank is waiting for. Your disposition copes easily with the purchase. Because it is so easy and the table may be lowered next month to match the living room equipment, the disposition increases. Once tapped into the dispo trap, the interest eats up any savings efforts immediately. The Stiftung Warentest has advised a dispo rate of 17.5 percent.

If your overdraft facility rises to the level of the average overdrawn account, you are about 3,000 USD deep in the red. The 92.08 USD interest for three years, you may still remember. The overdraft facility for this sum costs a whopping 525 USD per year, based on the number of goods testers. Converted to $ 43.75 per month. To try cheese for the last time as a benchmark – you will get a large fine cheese from Feinkost Käfer in Munich.

You see debt is worth it if you do not want to pay overpayment with the quick loan for the furniture.

Furniture loan – difficult income situation

Furniture loan - difficult income situation

As promised, you will learn how new furniture can be financed if your credit rating is poor and your income is tight. People who are not doing very well financially could apply for their furniture loan from a private source.

Serious access to credit for furniture from private donors can be found through Cream bank or Best Bank. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable trying to start a loan. If no loan is made, the attempt to loan will cost you nothing.

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