The most advantageous loan on the market in and outside the bank

We are a nation that loves discounts, special offers, and bargains. Pensioners are able to kill themselves in the supermarket for milk for 8 crowns and other families can easily overcome half of the republic to get into a new grocery store.

No wonder, although the quality of life in the Czech Republic is improving many people still do not feel it. How does credit prices develop in the banking sector?

Most profitable loan


A few years ago there were only a few providers on the Czech market that set trends. But in 2019 everything is different. The fastest most profitable loan in the market, which is it?

The best loan on the market 2019


Although the market for bank loans is not inflatable, there are more than 16 banks, which is definitely not enough. It is not possible to say exactly which loan is the best, so we have chosen several of them for you.

The most advantageous loan market calculator and comparison


Cream Bank

  • loan from USD 5,000 to USD 900,000
  • maturity 6 – 96 months
  • interest from 4.9% with proper repayment get 1% discount
  • APR from 5,02%
  • You can also withdraw money from a bank branch
  • early repayment is free
  • Reduction in installments and extraordinary installments are also free
  • arrangement and maintenance of the loan is free
  • a detailed calculator can be found directly on the provider’s website
  • Our reviews of Cream bank loans

Cream Bank loan application

Honest Bank

  • loan from USD 5,000 to USD 600,000
  • maturity of 3 – 120 months
  • interest rate from 5.7% and APR from 5.9% – 17.11%
  • online processing
  • account maintenance is free of charge
  • early repayment is free
  • Our reviews of Honest Bank loan

Good Lender loan

  • loan from 10 000 crowns to 600 000 crowns
  • maturity 12 – 96 months
  • interest rate from 3.9% and APR from 7.12%
  • no fees for granting or maintaining a loan
  • free early repayment
  • Our reviews of Good Lender loans

Application for Good Lender loan

Lender Bank

  • loan from 20 000 crowns to 1 000 000 crowns
  • maturity 6 – 120 months
  • interest rate from 4.7% and APR from 4.7%
  • no provision or maintenance fees
  • early repayment fee 0.5% – 1% of principal
  • Our reviews of Lender Bank Loans

Did you not come to the bank?


If you failed to get the best loan in the bank do not hang your head. Even the non-banking sector can provide you with relatively favorable conditions. Fill out the non-binding form on our Good Finance website and see for yourself.

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